In general, kuntilanak is described as a beautiful woman with long hair and a long white shirt. In Malay folklore, the figure of kuntilanak is depicted in the form of a beautiful woman with a hollow back. Kuntilanak is described as happy to terrorize the villagers for revenge. When Kuntilanak appears, it is always followed by the scent of frangipani flowers. It is said that men who are not careful can be killed after kuntilanak turns into a bloodsucker. Kuntilanak is said to often manifest as a beautiful woman walking alone on a lonely road. Therefore, this story might aim to avoid the female class rather than being disturbed by young people who are afraid of Kuntilanak when walking alone on a quiet road. Pocong has a green face with empty eyes. Another portrayal states that pocong has a "flat face" and has perforated eye holes or covered with cotton with a pale white face. Those who believe in the existence of ghosts think that Pocong is a form of "protest" from the dead who forget to untie before the tomb is closed. Although in the pocong myth it is often described as jumping around, the myth about Pocong even states that Pocong is moving.